Indeed it is. And with the awesome column-system you can set up the content as you like. So beside all the cool features with the photos & galleries you got your own website inside the website. How about that? And don’t forget that it’s responsive, which means it works on any hand hold device as well. iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, you name it.

Even more features? of course!

  • Interactive – “The code is alive!”, yes it is, it does all the work for you. Just a few lines of HTML and you have your new website
  • Responsive – Works on any hand-hold device as well. The content is automatic set to fit the device, no further code/adjustment needed
  • Select your theme – Dark og Light theme? Just change the word in the settings, and boom, a whole new layout!
  • Settings – Image/category speed, easing effect, show first/last image in thumb, change language for words: “photo”/”photos”, change text/BG color on title & description and so much more!
  • Galleries – Plug in as many galleries as you like
  • Photos – Just add pictures, the code will count, arrange & fit the images
  • Titles & descriptions – Add the title in the “alt”-tag and the description in the “rel”-tag on photos, the code will do the rest
  • Thumbs with count – Try to mouse-over the categories and see the thumb appear with images count in each gallery
  • Arrow keys – Use left/rigth arrow key to change photo and up/down to change category
  • 1 or One, 2 or Two… – You decide if you want to have numbers or word-numbers with 1 single change in the settings
  • Pages & content – You can add information pages as easy as galleries
  • Column-system – Use the column system to set the content as you like
  • Custom scrollbar – You can write as much as you a like. An nice custom scroller appears if the content is bigger than the window height.
  • Contact form – Get mails directly from your website
  • Social icons – Try to mouse-over the social icons. Cool huh? Add your own images and links, the code does the rest!

Extended documentation & support

Like in my other templates, I always write a documentation that should give you all the answers for integration of all your content. If you have questions regarding the template, then contact me on ThemForest, I will do my best to answer all of your questions and help you set up your website.





A column system with smartcodes is integrated in the template. You can set up the content the way you like it. Up to 16 columns, cool huh?

10 Architectural Photography Tips

On October 30, 2012
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